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Covering your gray

Don’t color your hair but are thinking of starting to cover the gray? Many women who have never colored their hair go through a series of mistakes when coloring for the first time. Sometime women who have colored their hair for a long time make mistakes that unattractively damage their hair.

Here are a few things you can do to avoid damage or embarrassing mistakes…

  • Pick a color close to your own natural color or a shade lighter or darker. Permanent hair color of the type used at home can only lighten a shade or so. If you darken your hair more than a shade, you may be unable to return to the previous color. You can always go darker next time if you still want your hair to be darker. If you want to lighten your hair more than a shade, see a professional stylist.
  • Follow the directions. Yes. Be ready to go, having read the directions several times before you start. I recommend buying a color brush to apply the color, rather than simply using the mix bottle.
  • Especially when you are touching up the roots, follow the directions. It’s not easy to learn to do this, but simply putting the color through your hair every time your roots start to show will wreck your hair and do strange things to the color, stripping the surface until the hair will not hold color. Follow the instructions and just touch up your roots exactly as the instructions say..
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Get the hair color you want!

There’s nothing like beautiful long red hair. Unfortunately, it’s a color that’s hard to get. Most hair color products in the red range do not give a natural shade.

My personal experience is that Nice’n’Easy gives a nice auburn hair color that doesn’t fade. But alas, it’s not real red. How to get real red hair?

I recommend shopping around for a stylist who can do what you need. Don’t let yourself be intimidated. You know what you want, and you need to keep looking until you find it. You may want to look for a colorist who specializes in hair coloring.

When I was traveling and spent a long weekend in Tacoma, I stayed at a The Hotel Milano, where the bartender had the loveliest real red hair. Since she appeared about forty, I asked if it was natural, and she told me the stylist in the hotel salon did her hair for her.

If I was staying in the area I might have considered getting it done. But since I was leaving the next day and the salon was not open on the weekends, I didn’t have a choice.

I have also heard that Feria colors are much brighter, due to metallic dyes. But be careful switching brands. Be sure to do a strand test to make sure something weird doesn’t happen.

Some people use henna. Just keep in mind that henna can’t go on dyed hair and vice versa. So if you’ve done henna or dye, you will have to grow out your hair and cut it off to switch from one to the other. Failing to do this can result in unanticipated chemical reactions that can cause your hair to turn green or blue. Seriously, pay a professional, don’t take a chance with your lovely hair.

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You know you love long hair

Look at that gleaming silky red hair. You know you want to brush it, comb it, wash it, flip it in the air and let it gently float down, run your fingers through it.

Wouldn’t it be great if only you could have long hair like that?

Well, you can have long hair, and it can be a beautiful as you want. All that is necessary it for you to take care of it, treat it gently, and lovingly.

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